small family care home

Why Family Care Home?

For elderly people it can be stressful to move out of their homes and into assisted living facilities. This is especially true if they are leaving a house they have lived in for decades, and moving into a place where they don’t know anyone. This stress is greatly reduced when moving into a family care home. A family care home is just that: a home, and at Bright Horizon we make sure everyone staying with us feels at home.

We take pride in knowing that our residents call Bright Horizon their home, and we like to help them to live their lives with freedom and respect. We have a ratio of one caregiver per three residents, which means our personalized care is tailored to each resident’s individual wants and needs.

In terms of the care we offer: it is personalized to each resident’s needs, just as it would be if they were still in their own home.

At Bright Horizon, a lot of time and thought has been given to making the Assisted Living Facility as much of a family setting as possible. To this end, there is a full-time activity director employed to ensure that there is always something happening at Bright Horizon, including a range of social events – geared to our residents’ interests, whatever they may be – and monthly field trips.

While deciding to move might be difficult for an elderly person, going to a care home with a family atmosphere can help make the transition as easy as possible. A small family care home can also ensure that they settle in quickly and feel at home in their new residence. At Bright Horizon, our goal is to make sure our residents are happy and live how they want to live; we are just here to help.