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Care Services for Dementia

At Bright Horizon Care, we specialise in care for seniors suffering from dementia. Dementia can be upsetting for both the patient and also for those that care for them, so it is our mission to alleviate any difficulties during a very hard time. While it is tempting to keep loved ones who are suffering with the disease at home, there are many benefits to moving them to a facility like ours. Our small care facility soon becomes a home away from home for patients to help ease the burden of a stressful and emotionally difficult period.

Advantages to Care Home Facilities for Dementia Patients

While one of the biggest advantages to our homes is the highest quality care we provide to all of our patients as standard, when it comes to supporting patients with dementia, we offer a number of other advantages.

Firstly, our care homes only have a handful of patients at a time. That means our staff can focus on patients to provide them a kind and personal experience of a care home facility. That is imperative when dealing with those who sadly suffer from dementia. The change in a person’s day to day can be considerable, so to be able to adapt to those changes we believe that it is essential that our care workers have the time and capacity to do so. In larger care home facilities, that is often not possible due to the extra burden of having more patients.

Secondly, by having a smaller care home, we also have a smaller range of staff we use. That is immensely useful for any dementia sufferer. Having stability and routine is of the utmost importance and having the same faces around them on a daily basis is one way to help support that. Our constant and consistent care helps the happiness and wellbeing of the person suffering from dementia as a result.

Finally, our specialist dementia care is particularly adept at dealing with the common problem of wandering. Loved ones of dementia patients often make the decision to put their friend or relative into a facility due to the increased risks that are posed by the patient wandering. Not only is that distressing to the patient, but it can also put them in danger and it is an extra worry for their loved ones to think about. We have several wandering prevention measures in place to ensure that our patients never put themselves at risk in such a way. Loved ones consequently can have peace of mind that their friend or relative is safe at all times.

Placing Dementia Sufferers in Care Homes

There are two common worries that family and friends of dementia sufferers have that often stop them from placing them in a care home. The first is that many people dislike the idea of taking dementia relatives from their own homes and allowing others to be in charge of their care. The guilt that comes with this prevents loved ones from benefiting from the advantages that care homes can provide.

Secondly, many people are put off by the cost. While both of these worries are understandable, they need not be a burden on your mind if you are considering care home facilities for a dementia sufferer you love. Costs are not as much as you would think, particularly when taking advantage of local support programs and Government initiatives.

Finally allowing someone else to take care of your loved one actually frees you up to enable your relationship to go back to its previous dynamic. When you have the burden of being someone’s carer, your relationship dynamic can never be what it had been historically. Your mind is consistently taken up with the practicalities that caring for them means, so you have little capacity for simply enjoying one another’s company.

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