Small assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities: which one is right for you?

Many elderly people find themselves overwhelmed or unable to keep up with the challenges that come with independent living. Deciding to transition to assisted living facilities is a difficult choice in itself, but finding a facility which truly meets your unique needs presents its own challenge. What makes this process easier is to know exactly what your needs are and what it is you are looking for.

Firstly, you need to work out what you want from an assisted living facility. Let’s take a look at location as a factor. Do you want a facility that is close to your family and friends? Perhaps you enjoy going out, and would prefer a facility near shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.  Will you want an extra bedroom for visitors, or just a room to yourself?

Also, take into consideration the level of support you need. Do you only require basic care, such as having meals cooked and laundry done? Or, do you need something more substantial such as nursing care? Consider the possibility that you may need more care in the years to come, and be sure to select a facility that can provide it.

The most important factor when selecting a facility is your own happiness. Find a place you would be happy to call home, and if you are helping a loved one select a facility, always put yourself in their shoes and think, “would I enjoy living here”. If the answer is no, then keep searching until you find the right one. The decision you are considering is important, and you owe it to yourself (or your family member) to shop around until you find something that is just right.

The number of assisted living facilities is booming, with over 29,000 in the US alone. There is a wide spectrum of such facilities: from huge complexes which house hundreds of elderly people, to smaller places that accommodate just one or two; and of course, everything in between.  Every person is different, and what works for one may not be what’s best for another. Larger assisted living facilities can be great, but are certainly not for everyone. Some people may like the group-activities and communities that these places offer, while others may prefer a smaller and more personal setting. While being one of several hundred residents may sound exciting to some, it can be overwhelming and impersonal to others. It is important to honestly consider which of these atmospheres you’d prefer.

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Family care homes are also an option to consider. These began as standard residential homes but have been retrofitted to care exclusively for elderly people. These homes house up to six people, and provide all levels of personal care, on-site medical visits, medication management, health and social programs, daily meal preparation, and housekeeping services.

Family care homes have healthy ratios of residents to caregivers, and they allow more personalized care that is structured around residents’ schedules.

These small settings are the best fits for residents with dementia and for those who require advanced nursing care. If this sounds right for you, then a smaller assisted living facility that accommodates for only a select number of people at a time may be the right call.

Bright Horizon Senior Care in North Carolina is this kind of place. There are numerous advantages to it being a smaller facility and caring for fewer than six people. Service providers can tailor their care to your individual needs and likes. With individual units, you still retain your privacy and a degree of independence, and that is something you really don’t get in a huge and crowded facility. Also, in such a small community, everyone gets to know one another and develop genuine friendships, which is no small thing when considering wellbeing and quality of life.

When living on your own becomes too much and it comes time to start considering assisted living facilities, keep these factors in mind when looking for your new, happy home.