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Advantages of Small Family Care Homes

There are now many types of help available to us when we have a loved one who needs an increased amount of care and medical attention. Knowing which one is best for you or your loved one is difficult to do if you do not know those options well. Yet, picking the right one is crucial as it can make the transition to assisted living so much easier. At Bright Horizon, we are passionate about providing our clients with a service that meets their needs. We believe that our small family care homes offer the best solution for those who are looking to move to assisted living for any reason.

Benefits of Small Family Care Homes

Our small family care homes offer our guests the following benefits that can make moving to an assisted living facility an incredibly positive experience.

Personal Care

As all our care homes are small, with only a handful of residents at any one time, we are able to provide highly personalised care. This is really important because when people move to assisted living facilities, one of their worries is that they will cease to be seen as a person, instead simply a patient. With our personalised care, residents do not have to worry about that at all and instead they can enjoy specialist care that has been tailored to their needs.


As we have a small workforce due to our smaller facilities, our care homes offer our residents a great deal of stability. Given the huge decision that many of our guests take when moving to assisted living, having stability from the very start is key. Due to the smaller workforce that we employ at Bright Horizons, guests get to know all our workers quickly and easily, which provides them with the consistency they need to be comfortable and confident with their new living arrangements.


It is hard for anyone to make the decision that they can no longer live on their own. One of the biggest worries is that there will be a loss of independence when moving to an assisted living facility. However, the exact opposite is true when people move into our care homes. As our facilities are built to help our guests lead a happy and fulfilled life, and our staff are there to facilitate that, remaining independent is far easier when living at a Bright Horizons facility.

Specialized Knowledge

Finally, the specialised knowledge that our staff members have is hugely beneficial to our residents. It means that our care home workers have the skills and expertise required to keep residents safe, comfortable and ultimately, happy. By providing health and personal care, as well as support for administering medical treatment, residents benefit from having help on hand as and when they need it. That is something that living at home, even when having external carers come in, cannot match up to.

Choosing the Right Facility for Your Needs

Having the appropriate level of care for you or your loved one’s needs is paramount when it comes to health and general well-being. While the many different options available on the market for care is a good thing as it allows a certain degree of flexibility, the choice can be overwhelming. Weighing up the advantages of each is therefore crucial when trying to decide on the option that is best for you or your family.
However, we believe that our small care home facility is a fantastic option for all manner of situations and personal circumstances. Our flexibility, stemming from our smaller size, coupled with our expert knowledge, makes our service hard to beat as it means we have the ability to adapt to all those scenarios.

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