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Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

During research into potential assisted living facilities, many of us focus on the room provided, the catering and the medical provision. However, what is also crucially important, yet so easy to overlook, are the activities available to residents while living at a care home. At Bright Horizons, we truly believe that residents need more than just a walk to the TV room every day. Instead, they need to be engaged and offered different activities as often as possible.

Why Activities are Crucial in an Assisted Living Facility

There are good reasons why we are so passionate about providing activities at our family care homes. Activities for seniors are a great way for them to lead a happier life while living with us. That happiness is often derived by interacting with others and engaging in conversation with fellow residents that can help strike up meaningful friendships.

Importantly, too, it gives our residents the capacity to learn new hobbies and skills that they may previously have not thought possible for them. As a result, we have found that our residents tend to grow in confidence and become more comfortable living in our homes. By taking some time to explore new hobbies, many are being challenged but are doing so in a safe place.

Additionally, taking part in activities can be a good way to flex some brain fitness. For our residents who worry or suffer from degenerative mental diseases like dementia, occupying the mind with a new skill can be exceedingly beneficial. While it will not solve any medical problems they do have, it can be a good way for the mind to be stimulated and keep it active.

Plus, some of the activities that are suitable for seniors at care homes are not all sedentary. Some offer physical benefits if the activity involves movement, however small the movement is. Or, if an activity involves a person being outside, getting some fresh air can do them the world of good as being closer to nature has been seen to offer people many advantages – both mental and physical.

As a result of all these benefits, the cumulative effect that can be achieved by partaking in activities at a care home is large. People become happier with where they are living, more certain of themselves in their new surroundings, and healthier – not to mention the increased chance of making a number of new friends.

Examples of Activities in an Assisted Living Facility

Activities at an assisted living facility need not be confined to a board game afternoon (though those can be fun too). There are infinite possibilities when it comes to providing activities that seniors will enjoy. For example activities where residents have the opportunity to learn new skills are often well-received. That can mean a talk from an expert on an educational topic, but can also mean painting or crafts. Residents may also enjoy physical activities like dance, yoga (or chair yoga as required), gardening or gentle movement martial arts like Tai Chi. Finally, if possible, seniors often enjoy day trips away from their care homes. These do not have to be complicated, they can simply mean a trip to the cinema or going on a picnic.

Special Activities at Bright Horizon Senior Care Home

While it can be easy to look at seniors, especially those with mobility issues, and assume they are not in need of mental stimulation, providing them with the chance to take part in a new activity is key to their happiness. Not only do activities help them pass the time, they also gain so much enjoyment from trying new things that it is critical to their mental well-being.

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